Buy – Sell – Trade – Estates

At Kenton Antiques, I’m always game to talk about what you have. I buy some items outright, and if I think we can each make more money selling on Consignment, I am happy to offer that service. I utilize the Internet to sell certain items as I feel it’s sometimes the best way to reach the right Audience for your piece of  History. If you have items you are interested in selling/consigning/trading please contact me via email ( Please include pictures if you have them, and some history on your stuff. If I think it’s something we should consider bringing in, I’ll work with you to set up an appointment to bring items to the shop.

I Love Trade!  I love finding new stuff, and sending stuff to new homes. If you have some unusual antique / vintage items that you think you might be able to swing a trade on for stuff in the shop, I’m always happy to take a look and have a haggle! :) Below you will find a list of items that I am generally always looking for, as well as a list of items I am not generally interested in at this time.

ESTATES: I offer Estate Sale Services. I am firmly committed to the idea of preserving the memory of your loved one through their cherished items, and genuinely enjoy the experience of helping pass on one Family’s History to new caretakers. I am also happy to do in house previews, and assist with referrals if  I believe there is an easier, and less stressful way of dealing with an Estate. I have a variety of resources and contacts in the Portland Metro area, and am happy to assist with arrangements when possible.


  • Antique/Vintage Toys
  • Industrial / Tools / Farm / Homestead / Primitives
  • Wood Crafts – Antique/Vintage Handmade Wood items, folk art, cabinets, shop project items, anything funky and unusual.
  • Antique/Vintage Photography / Film / Old Home Movies 8mm/16mm/Super8/slides/ Photo Negatives
  • Antique Books / Ephemera
  • Antique Medical – Instruments / Kits / Books, etc
  • Militaria / Americana / Tobacciana
  • Costume Jewelry / Pocket Watches
  • Vinyl Records – 60s/70s rock / Early Country / Early Blues / Folk
  • Mid Century Modern – Furniture &  Accessories
  • Vintage Kitchenware – Pyrex – Spice Sets – Antique Kitchen Tools



  • Classical Vinyl
  • China – Bone China / Fine China / Complete China Sets
  • Contemporary Books
  • Post 1960s Furniture / Household Items
  • Clear Glass / Clear Crystal
  • Contemporary Collectibles (Collector’s Edition Items) Franklin Mint / Christmas Plates / etc.
  • Linens / Crochet