About Us


Kenton Antiques has been in operation for 20+ years, and is a staple on the North Portland treasure hunting circuit. Treasure hunting is how I came across this shop 5 years ago, and it brought me back time and again. In September of 2009, I came into the shop to spend some birthday time/money, and found that the shop was going to be sold. I thought I thought nothing of it, until 3 days later when I realized it was all I had been thinking about; scary since at the time I was working a “career” job for Vestas American Wind Technology, and didn’t see myself doing anything else.

So, in November 2009,  without in-depth thought, or anything more than a deep desire and a wing and a prayer I took ownership of Kenton Antiques.

Since then I have worked tirelessly to create a space that combines antiques with vintage, and history with a current feeling. I’ve become more and more drawn to the idea of collecting, and am fascinated with what people collect, why they collect it, and what it all means. Over time, the space will develop as a found object, antique treasure trove, but also as a canvas by which to explore the culture of the collector- to celebrate these objects which take on deeper meaning, and which all in their way lead us closer to that special feeling of Home.

Come visit, I’d love to help you find your next treasure!