Sea Glass, Presents, and the Power of Nature

Sea Glass, Presents, and the Power of Nature

One of our newer customers brought us something pretty special yesterday. Aaron came in awhile back looking for a jewelry box for his wife. We sold him on an antique letterpress tray that came from Portland’s oldest box factory that just closed last summer. The tray was in rough shape, but he bought into the idea, and thanks to Matt (who works on occasion with Preston, from Salvage Works) the tray turned out absolutely fabulous, and Aaron and his wife loved it!

He came in on Sunday with a present! YAY! Aaron just got back from Hawaii where his family lives, and he happened to be there during the tsunami. He & his family live on high ground, and were just fine. He remembered me talking about how hard it’s been for me to find sea glass, and there is lots to be found along the shores of Hawaii, especially after a tsunami.

Apparently, right as he got down to the beach the next morning, he saw some guys hauling an old Figurehead from a ship that had been brought up by the tsunami and washed ashore (can you say WHAT??)!

While he did not end up with the figurehead, he did bring back a wonderful stash of multi color glass- some older, some newer, all beautiful. He also brought an incredible piece, and an incredible reminder of the awesome power of nature- A Japanese soda bottle filled with smaller pieces of multi colored glass, that had been carried nearly 4000 miles across the ocean and deposited on the shores of Hawaii, just hours after the tragedy in Japan.

Japanese bottle, picked on the shore of Hawaii after the tsunami

It has its own strange beauty- just softening from the current, small amounts of coral beginning to form, detritus and glass inside- but in the context of how it came to be brought from Hawaii to our shop here in Portland, it is all the more special, and a powerful reminder of the power that nature possesses.  Whether it is the slow, eventual process of glass turning into a tumbled cloudy sea treasure, or the the rapid upheaval of a bottle swept across the globe in an instant- its good to be reminded how little control we have in this life.  Thanks, Aaron, for the reminder, and the truly beautiful collection you brought me.

The bottle, as well as the sea glass are on display at our shop in Portland- come have a look!

sea glass from Hawaii, greenery from Solabee Flowers

(Note: The lovely moss & air plant beach shell was created for me by the gals at Solabee Flowers on N. Denver in Kenton. I found the shell recently, and they made it even more lovely with their green thumbs!)

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