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4 Year Shopiversary!

4 Year Shopiversary!
shop birthday, yay!

shop birthday, yay!

So, it nearly passed me right by in the frantic pace I’ve been keeping these past few months, but last week  (November 15th to be exact) was the 4 year milestone for my ownership of Kenton Antiques.

This past year has been the most challenging by far. What I am learning, (by force) is that knowing what you are doing & believing in what you are doing are wonderful experiences. It feels so rewarding to really feel like I’m doing what I am meant to be doing, and I’m far enough along that I think I’ve got that special brand of insanity it takes to be a Small Business Owner.

What I have learned most acutely this past year, however, is that all of these warm fuzzy feelings are just part of the feeling landscape. On  the other side of the fluffy clouds of increasing confidence & growing understanding is a giant pit of failing. Failing at managing everything that it takes to be a business owner (it’s such a profoundly long list that I’m going to omit it for sake of not wanting to trigger my carpal tunnel). Failing at keeping up with my friendships, with personal time, with personal finances, with almost everything on some level or another. It’s a heavy weight, and an awkward place to be when you know you are doing so many things right, and at the same time you are completely falling short on a variety of levels.

I think that year 5 is going to bring the strength to make some changes. I spent the first two years just learning so much at such an extended pace that I didn’t have time for anything else. These last two years have been about really defining my business and working overtime to transform it into my dream. This next year needs to be dedicated to making that dream sustainable and making all the changes needed to really stabilize my business on the back end so that I can focus on the next phase I’ve got in mind for the shop!

It’s not easy, but I’m starting to realize that failing isn’t the end, it’s part of the evolution.

What I am thankful for, is all of you that have been willing to hop on this ride with me. Thank every last one of you that have supported my dream, and been forgiving of my short comings. Thank you for enjoying my shop as much as I do, and thank you for supporting me & letting me be a part of your lives in so many unique ways.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, know that I am grateful for everything you all have taught me over the last four years, and I can’t wait for the next four together!

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Shop Birthday, Happy 1 year Anniversary of kicking cigarettes to the curb. YAY!

Lots coming up after the Holiday so stay tuned for my next post about all the fantastic SHOP LOCAL  promotions that Kenton Antiques is participating in this next weekend! Details tomorrow!



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