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The Ever Prepared Dad

The Ever Prepared Dad
Every Dad's Pocket Should Have One!

Every Dad’s Pocket Should Have One!

One of my favorite memories of my dad is that any singe time a knife was called for, whether at home or camping in the Redwoods of California, my dad would always, without fail, be able to pull out his trusty pocket knife. I’ve been carrying my own pocket knife around for the past 10 or so years, and it always seems that the day I forget to bring my knife is the day I need it most.

My memories of my dad’s ever present pocket knife have translated into my love of all antiques that are both aesthetic and practical. So, for Father’s Day this year I’ll have a selection of vintage pocket knives that I’ve already oiled & honed for you to be able to present to your dad with no extra work. Also have a selection of vintage Zippo lighters, sharpening stones and other goodies Dad’s need!

Loading up my Father’s Day window this week, and you’ll be able to find some deals on things that call to mind the wide variety of Dad’s in our lives:

Mad Men drink sets

Mad Men drink sets

Mad Men Dad Bar Ware & Drink Sets

Vintage Automobilia for Car Loving Dads

Antique History & Geography & Business Books

Handmade Father’s Day Cards

Belt Buckles & more…

Stop by this month and share your favorite Dad story while checking out some of the goodies we’ve selected for June 16th.

Happy Father’s Day Dads!



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