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New Arrivals: 1940s-1960s Portland Meadows Horse Racing Photos

New Arrivals: 1940s-1960s Portland Meadows Horse Racing Photos

Anyone who has spent a Friday evening down at Portland Meadows Race Track during the summer season, likely knows the thrill of horse racing. I had no idea until a few years ago when I did an Estate Sale for a gentleman whose family actually sold a large chunk of homestead land down on Schmeer Rd to help create Portland Meadows back in the 1940s. He grew up on the race track, and in the last few years has again been bitten by the Horse bug – now owning 2 race horses. He invited me out this past summer to check out the track, and I am so glad I went!

1947 Lucky #7

1947 Lucky #7

Built in 1945, and closed by the historic Vanport floods of 1948, Portland Meadows has been a fixture in North Portland since it was reopened in the mid 1950s. It was remodeled in the early 2000s, and now displays a large collection of historical photos that are worth checking out between races!

You can even go into the warm up pen before the race to watch the horses prepare for the thrilling, albeit brief dash to victory. Plus, during the summer runs, you can get an ice cold beer for $1. Can’t really beat that on a hot summer night.

At some point last year, I was very lucky to have acquired a large collection of Winner circle photos from Portland Meadows, Longacres & the Oregon State Fair races that span in time from the late 1940s (just before the floods) and into the early 1960s. I’ve been hoarding them ever since, and recently decided it’s time to share them with the public.

1962 Winner circle photos from Portland Meadows

1962 Winner circle photos from Portland Meadows

The collection of approx 8″ x 10″ black & white pictures include snaps from the finish line, and the horse in the Winners circle with owners, trainers & jockeys. Fantastic images for their nostalgic feel as well as their historical value to anyone interested in North Portland history, and horse racing memorabilia in general. Most images have detailed information on all of the who’s who as well as race times & other remarks. The overall feel of many of these photos is incredibly enchanting, with some incredibly beautiful horses, character filled jockeys, and unique owners & families that will transport you back in time.


This is one of my favorite pictures without question.

I’ll have about 30 unique photographs, some in paper frames, some unframed ranging in price from about $10 – $25, available for you to view when the shop reopens this Wednesday 2/20. Come by and check them out when you are in Kenton.

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  1. Tracy Radin says:

    Am interested in or memorabilia…please contact me with some possible options

    • kentonantiques says:

      Tracy, If you are in Portland, the collection is out on the floor for sale, and is viewable during regular shop hours. I’ll send you an email, in case you aren’t around the area with options for view/purchase! :) Thanks for your interest!

  2. Tim Elliott says:

    Good stuff. Anything from the 70 – 90’s on the pics? My family has lots of history on this track.

    • kentonantiques says:

      I’ll go through the back stock of the collection and let you know Tim, but I think most of the pics end right around the 1960s. I’ve got a friend who might have some stuff from that era however, and next time he swings by the shop I’ll certainly ask him as well! :)

  3. Julie June says:

    Do you have any photo’s left from Portland Meadows?

    • kentonantiques says:


      First, I AM SO SORRY it has taken me this long to get in touch with you. My website got hacked by Russians (go figure!) and it’s been a nightmare trying to get everything back online & functional!

      I actually do have several of the Portland Meadows photos left, I have a soft spot for them and have hung on to some of them for far too long. :) Your name rings a bell, you wouldn’t happen to be the gal who bought several of the photos down at Boy’s Fort some time ago? :) If so, then I am EXTRA sorry about the delay. They did pass on your card, which I promptly lost, but I’ve thought of you from time to time! Would love to know if you’ve dug up any information on that fabulous Lady in many of the photos!

      Anyhow, you are welcome to email me at and I can send you some pics of what I’ve got left and see if you have any interest. I’d love to see them in a good home!! 😀


  4. Ann Jenkins says:

    I’m trying to find any information about a horse by the name of Black Man Birdic that raced in the early 50’s.
    at Portland Meadows. How would I find any record of him? Ownd by a Brownie Moss.

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