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Crates, Barrels, Rascals

Crates, Barrels, Rascals

Whenever I go out looking for new goodies for the shop, I call it “shedding”. Shedding involves spending a lot of time looking at stuff that smell like a shed, has been in a shed for some time, or talking to guys that might possibly live in sheds. It’s not glamorous, but I love it.

Vintage Multnomah County Ballot Box & a metal reinforced side Lucerne dairy crate

Shedding this past weekend was a total bust. It involved going to a sale that was listed on craigslist and never actually opened, which can be totally frustrating. I decided to hit up an Estate Sale in NE that turned out not to be an estate sale at all, but a house where a bunch of dealers brought a bunch of mediocre stuff priced at “rather far past retail”, and my last sale I tried on the way to the shop ended up being another fake estate sale with even worse stuff at even more laughable prices. Needless to say I was pretty unhappy with how Saturday went. Sunday I went back to sale #1 which had finally clarified sale times & address on craigslist, and low and behold when I showed up on time for the sale to open- there was no sale, and no signs. I went to the Flea Market hoping for a better time and a turn around to a real bad “shed”, and unfortunately my old saying about the Flea Market “Sometimes it’s trash and sometimes it’s treasure” sided on the side of trash.

I spent Sunday frustration cleaning the shop, and I got so involved that I didn’t realize it was past time to close up. Luckily for me, it turned out to be my best move of the weekend!

Antique nail keg, an old well hand pump, some great old irons and a copper flower pot made sure that it wasn’t all about crates!

Rascal came in to my shop a few weeks ago and said he had a bunch of old stuff that he wanted to bring in sometime. Rascal is a 78 year old gentleman who has lived in Kenton since 1972 when he first moved out from Iowa. His goal was to go back to Iowa at some point, but it was never meant to be, and he’s been here ever since. He’s a tall lanky farm boy, who has an undeniable smile and the most enthusiastic manner, despite (as he will frequently remind you) the fact that he’s 78 and not as spry as he used to be! :)

Old Fruit Labels are among my favorite type of food art, and when still attached to their original crates it’s even ‘more better’!

Rascal came back to the shop yesterday just as I was realizing it was past time to close, and said he was going to run home and bring some stuff by if I would still be around. Of course I stuck around, and it paid off with not only the happiest grouping of my favorite kind of stuff, but a great conversation about Rascal’s time working for the Northern Pacific Railroad and a picture show of his several grandsons!

Thanks Rascal, for turning a bad ‘shed’ into the best weekend in a long time!

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