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New Arrivals: Pyrex Party

New Arrivals: Pyrex Party

Patterned Mixing Bowls and Covered Casseroles

I love Pyrex (and lamp). It is the perfect combination of color, style and utility. Every time I discover a new pattern, I fall in love all over again. Sadly, a friend of the shop is moving to Salem, and she can’t take all of her 100+ piece Pyrex collection with her, so she has been dropping off orphans to find a new home. It’s an eclectic mix with some great colors and some of my favorite patterns. It has already been a challenge to resist adding some to my growing collection.

Pyrex offerings include the more traditional as well as the bolder and brighter!

One of my favorite things about the Pyrex brand is that they have been around for over 100 years. Originally started to produce medical grade & laboratory glass, Pyrex quickly expanded  into the kitchen in the early 1910s and soon began experimenting with bright colors and unique designs.

I have a small collection of antique Pyrex beakers & apothecary bottles. They make great displays, and I use them as storage for my varied collections of small oddities (skeleton keys, miniature pulleys, etc).  I will say, however, that it is much easier for me to pass off these fabulous pieces of kitchenware as more functional than I pretend 1900s medical beakers are. 😉

With Fall finally here, these pieces will at the very least kick start your cold weather casserole obsession in style!  Stop by the shop this week to check out the new goods. Due to the volume of offerings she has been bringing in, we’ve been able to price them to end up in your oven sooner than later! I know she will be thrilled to know these end up in hungry homes that like to cook & dine in bold colors. Best part is, you just stick the leftovers in the fridge. Anything that serves as both cook pot, serving dish and leftover storage is a triple win by me.  Not just because I am lazy, I swear.

If you are interested in learning more about vintage Pyrex and Pyrex patterns, the site Pyrex Love is fantastic! I could spend hours on there, some of those hours probably drooling. :)


Friendship Pattern in Bright Orangey Reds

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