Bringing Vintage to the Holiday Table

Bringing Vintage to the Holiday Table

So, a lot of you know, I’m not super big on the Holidays, and I have a real hard time even decorating the shop for the Holidays. It’s not that I’m a curmudgeon (hush!) it’s just that I don’t like needing an excuse to celebrate the good things in life. However, I do love cooking, sharing meals, and vintage!

6 x 1930s Holmes & Edwards Appetizer Forks

Going green is what a lot of us strive to do, and it seems like the Holidays are the time where we sort of throw all that out the window in favor of indulgence and perhaps even over indulgence. What I like about incorporating vintage into the Holiday season is that it’s an opportunity to connect with the past, whether it’s Grandma’s Sterling that comes out once a year, or Mom’s linens that she’s had since college. Vintage items not only connect us but they help  highlight the reasons we enjoy coming together over the Holiday table.

Holiday traditions are important, and the Holiday table is the centerpiece for the vibrant bounty of Family, Friends, Loved ones, old and new.

1950s Green Bubble Foot Water / Juice Goblets

The Holiday season is not just about the bounty, the plentiful harvest we feast on, but also about renewal. Renewal of family bonds, friendships, affectionate rivalries over card games (maybe that’s just my family?). It is a time of strengthening the bonds that tend to fade through the ups/downs of everyday life.

For me, renewal is not just about the re-dedication to what matters most, but about taking the time to embrace what’s unique about yourself, and to bring that unique flavor to the table. The Holidays aren’t just about tradition and being traditional, but creating an environment of warmth that reflects not just the ties that bind, but understanding that each tie, each parent, each friend, each love is not only unique, but uniquely integral to the whole.  On my Holiday table you’ll be as likely to find the set of Sterling flatware that was handed from my Grandma, to my Mother, and on to me- as you will a pink casserole that I enjoy so much I couldn’t possibly not find a way to incorporate into my Holiday spread.  So this year, consider adding a few new vintage touches to your centerpiece- not only will you be embracing the Green tradition but you’ll be preserving and re-energizing the history of otherwise forgotten heirlooms.

tell me this isn't festive!

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  1. linden says:

    I love your post. I can relate to so much of what you’ve said here. It was nice to read about your views on connecting the holidays, celebrating, family gatherings…using vintage items. Ilike bringing things out and being reminded of family members that have past.

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