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Costume Jewelry – Mad Men Style – New Arrivals

Costume Jewelry – Mad Men Style  – New Arrivals

Of course, with all things television related, I’m usually at least 2 seasons behind. Just finished Season 1 of Mad Men, and I’m hooked. As a vintage nut, it’s easy to get lost in the set design and costumes. Lots of stunning (and for the most part, period correct) furniture, clothing and accessories.

I don’t wear too much jewelry, but I’ve been trying to branch out. Mad Men has proven to be a great inspiration in at least wanting to showcase and share some great pieces of Costume Jewelry from the 50s/60s with you. I also just happened to acquire a substantial collection of great vintage pieces, some signed, some unsigned, but all quite affordable. Might give you some Holiday tips!

Here’s a couple of my favorite new pieces in the shop:

Crown Trifari 3pc Set - Bracelet & Earrings

This is a great 1955-1960s Crown Trifari Bracelet & Clip on Earring combo. Gorgeous honey amber and jet rhinestones set in a brushed gold tone metal. Perfect for Fall. Bracelet is excellent condition, and the earrings are lovely, though missing a few jet rhinestones.

If you like the amber/black rhinestone combo, you might also like this unsigned whiskey & smoke cluster brooch in a floral design. I have it listed on my Etsy site- here:

I also acquired a fair amount of 1950s/60s faux pearl necklaces. Single strand and multi-strand. Faux pearls are a great way to inexpensively add style and sophistication to any Holiday outfit. Faux pearls are also more than suitable for young ladies to feel like princesses! I have at least 10 different sets, priced from $8-$28, including 2 sets from Japan that have some great embellishment and lots of charm!

3 Strand Japan Faux Pearl Necklace $22

1960s Coral Rose S/XS Necklace Set - Japan Made $24

Another great 60s arrival – for girls or women with a petite neckline is this brushed gold/bronze necklace with adorable coral plastic roses and clear rhinestone accents. Backs of the roses are stamped Japan. The set comes with a matched pair of coral plastic rose screw back earrings. The necklace is only 14″ in length, which is a few inches shorter than a standard choker, so its perfectly sized for a young lady.

Since, of course, I can’t stop thinking about Mad Men for more than a few moments at a time, one of my favorite things about the show is the way the women are able to pull off brooches. I’ve never had any idea how to properly wear one.  Recently, I’ve seen some great suggestions including, wearing them on a simple clutch, or as hair decoration, that have given me motivation to try and actually pull it off in the coming months.

For you Joan Holloway’s, who are already adept in the science of sparkle, I’ve recently redone an antique shadow box with a variety of new brooches. From clear Weiss, to multi-colored rhinestone pieces, there’s a lot to choose from, and something for every style.  I love this scatter pin in a star design with amethyst rhinestone accents. I figure if I start, small is good. :)

filigree and amethyst rhinestone pin

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